Recognize architecture and design in Ontario’s first Culture Strategy

Is architecture culture? We think so. Yet the draft of Ontario’s first Culture Strategy fails to integrate architecture or design more generally into the vision for culture in this province. The vision is summarized as follows:

An Ontario where every person has the opportunity for creative expression and cultural participation, and where the diversity of our stories and communities is reflected and valued.

In tandem with last week’s conference “Architecture Matters – Shaping the Environment,” the Ontario Association of Architects  launched a petition to recognize architecture and design in the Culture Strategy. The petition emphasizes the importance of both architecture and design as integral components of culture and how architects and designers bring value to clients and communities:

A comprehensive and inclusive strategy could prove to be an important tool in strengthening Ontario’s vibrant and diverse cultural sector, providing both economic benefits and increased appreciation of Ontario’s rich cultural identity and landscape. However, such strategy needs to be inclusive of the full breadth of cultural activities in the province…The inclusion of architecture and design will help ensure that the government’s goals of building a strong economy and vibrant communities, attracting tourists and investment, and contributing to job creation are met, and will be a clear signal to other jurisdictions that Ontario values the contributions of design industry.

While the official consultation period ended on May 13, the petition will remain open and active until architecture and design are included in Ontario’s Culture Strategy. Nearly 1,000 people have shown there support so far. Please take a moment to sign here to support architecture and design in Ontario!