One of the many dictionary meanings of the word Dream (drēm) is “a cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal”.

When a client comes to Masri O Architects (MORe) with their dream of building a custom home, we know the dream will only be realized if the building represents our clients “cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal” not ours.

MORe is currently involved, as a trusted partner, in the demolition of a beloved cottage, with glorious views overlooking the Saugeen River, and constructing a new “dream” home for the property owners.

Making the decision to demolish a building is always difficult, and complicated by the influx of memories found around every corner.  However, detailed planning including 3-D renderings of their future home supported their decision to advance the design through the site planning approvals, working drawings, tendering, building permits and construction.

Even dream homes have budgets: In the design phases, MORe heard our clients’ desires and wishes for their home such as:

  • How the home should function?
  • What views are most important?
  • Is there a preferred “flow through”?
  • Are there must have’s and want to have’s?
  • Can a want to have be achieved for less cost?
  • Will I be able to age in the home?

Then, MORe provided insight and leveraged their creative design thinking to translate what they heard into a design.  As the design developed the reality of living in their new home took hold.

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