MORe is currently involved in transforming a portion of the University Centre, a building from the 1970s at the University of Guelph, into a space that caters to students as a place to study, meet and socialize.  The project is currently in the construction phase.

MORe is the architect of record and is managing all aspects of this project from inception, to design, construction documents/tendering, contract administration and post construction completion.

Here is how the University describes the exciting project on their Website:

“In the coming months, the University Centre will undergo a long-anticipated renovation to make better use of space on the first floor and in Peter Clark Hall (PCH). Construction is expected to begin in early 2017.

The renovations will help address the space requirements of our growing student population.

Anticipated changes:

  • New open lounge and meeting space – The existing first-floor washrooms and storage space, UC 103 and the space occupied by Click Signs will be opened up to create a multi-purpose space for students. The space will have areas for single users and large groups and allow for versatile setups. Lounge chairs and stool-height tables equipped with power and Wi-Fi will be added to the space.
    Click Signs will move to the student lounge space beside the Student Insurance Office. A small meeting space will also be added in the southeast corner of the first floor.
  • First-floor washrooms move and new universal washroom – New washroom facilities with more stalls will be created in the currently vacant general store space beside the Centre Six food court. An accessible universal washroom will also be built on the first floor. Both of these washrooms will be energy efficient.
  • Renovations to PCH to create multi-use meeting space – The side wings of PCH will be updated with new paint, carpet, ceilings and lighting. The accordion walls that divide the space will be replaced with new sound-proof foldable walls. This allows all three divided spaces to be used at the same time without disruption to other users. Updates to the audio/visual components in these spaces are being considered.

Philip John, acting director of the University Centre, says, “The renovation plans newly approved by our Board go a long way in creating much needed multi-purpose space for students in the UC.”

The University Centre is a shared building that the University and students jointly administer through the UC Board and UC Management. Since the building opened in 1974, the student population has almost doubled.”

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