UWaterloo CanBuild

The University of Waterloo’s annual campus-wide food drive, UWaterloo CanBuild, recently collected over 6,000 food items to support the Feds Food Bank and The Food Bank of Waterloo Region.

More than just a typical food drive, UWaterloo CanBuild strives to raise awareness of hunger and the need for food, both our on campus and in the community. By engaging the campus community to develop teams, collaborate with colleagues, and put their creative skills to work, each team designs and builds a structure out of the food donations they collect.

The Waterloo Residences team had fun replicating the design of the New Residence, now under construction, with boxes of pasta and other food items. The result is fantastic (down to the column at the front entrance, rendered with cans) and even the famous campus geese came to hang out on the roof. Masri O Architects thanks all the teams for their efforts in combating hunger within the community.

The Residences project team included Lisa Williamson, Christy Elliot, Malory Glyde, Melissa Blewitt, Karen Howey, Tori Gentile, Lauren McCrea, and Wade MacAulay.