Designing with Heritage in Mind

MORe is excited to be the Architect of Record for three buildings in Kitchener, Ontario that have stood witness to the growth of the City for decades.

The pre-confederation building at the “Royal Cross Roads” of King and Queen Streets in Kitchener is a listed Heritage property.  Often referred to as the “American Hotel”, this project will involve the renovation of the existing structure, restoration of the existing façades facing King and Queen Street, redevelopment of the ground-floor commercial space, reconstruction of the two residential storeys within the existing structure and a three storey addition.

Within the Victoria Park Heritage Conservation District at the corner of Joseph and Water Streets sits a unique property that has served as a family home and a commercial convenience store.  Constructed during different time-periods the property reflects the architectural styles of the different time-periods.  This project will include the renovation of the original home in keeping with the styles common to the district along with the renovation of the additional structures in keeping with the style common to the time-periods in which they were constructed.

Victoria and King Streets in Kitchener is a bustling hub of technology-based businesses.  Desire to Learn, Google, Communitech and others have gathered around the soon-to-be operational ION station and Transportation Hub.  Investment in the area is steady and includes the redevelopment of iconic buildings that reflect the manufacturing story that was Berlin then Kitchener.  The history of tanning leather, manufacturing tires and crafting shoes has transformed into higher learning institutions, high tech solution providers and multi-residential living.  In support of the surrounding land-uses, the MORe team is working with a client to renovate a former building constructed in 1934.  An iconic canopy and art-deco façade along with the unique commercial building will be renovated to provide a range of personal services to the surrounding community.  This transit supportive development is less than a 500-metre walk from the intersection of King and Victoria streets.

Photos in this article are from the Kitchener Public Library Archives, Google Street view and Pintrest.