One of the many dictionary meanings of the word Dream (drēm) is “a cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal”.

When a client comes to Masri O Architects (MORe) with their dream of building a custom home, we know the dream will only be realized if the building represents our clients “cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal” not ours.

MORe is currently involved, as a trusted partner, in the demolition of a beloved cottage, with glorious views overlooking the Saugeen River, and constructing a new “dream” home for the property owners.

Making the decision to demolish a building is always difficult, and complicated by the influx of memories found around every corner.  However, detailed planning including 3-D renderings of their future home supported their decision to advance the design through the site planning approvals, working drawings, tendering, building permits and construction.

Even dream homes have budgets: In the design phases, MORe heard our clients’ desires and wishes for their home such as:

  • How the home should function?
  • What views are most important?
  • Is there a preferred “flow through”?
  • Are there must have’s and want to have’s?
  • Can a want to have be achieved for less cost?
  • Will I be able to age in the home?

Then, MORe provided insight and leveraged their creative design thinking to translate what they heard into a design.  As the design developed the reality of living in their new home took hold.

With each passing day, the “dream” becomes reality.  Although still under construction, the building is fast becoming a home with new memories being forged every day.  With the septic bed installed, and the building enclosure complete, only completion of the interior remains.  The scheduled date for occupancy is late summer 2018.

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