University of Guelph Student University Centre

Fire Station & EMS

197 Albert St. Apartment Building

Hagey Hall Atrium

Apartment Building – 202 Lester Street

Apartment Building – 341 Lester Street

University of Waterloo Centre for Environmental and Information Technology

Waterloo Regional Police Service North Division

Sage II

MAC Mosque and Community Centre

Low-Rise Apartment Building

Fire Research Facility & Fire Training Centre

Hillsburgh Fire Station

Apartment Building – 128 King St. N.

118 Columbia St. W.

Mixed-Use Complex

36 Regina St. N. Apartment Building

University of Waterloo Engineering V

Sage VI

Conestoga EMS

50 Marshall St. Apartment Building

Gord Kaster Automotive

Sage V

Sage I

Ivy Towns

Mixed-Use Urban Block Redevelopment

Apartment Building – 295 Lester St.

345 Spruce St. Apartment Building

Ernst & Young

Apartment Building – 28 University Avenue E.

Sage 6

Sage 3

Apartment Building – 21 Columbia Street W.

University of Waterloo Engineering III Addition

Uptown Waterloo Square

260 Regina St. N. Apartment Building

Community Health and Social Services Building

University of Waterloo New Residence

Masri O Architects Office

Apartment Building – 74 Marshall Street

Mixed-Use Brownfield Redevelopment

Apartment Building – 188 King St.

Sage Hamilton

64 Marshall St. Apartment Building

Brantford Tranquility Ambulance Station

Lancaster Office Building

University of Waterloo Physics Lab Addition

Apartment Building – 167 King St.

WLU Athletics Complex

Fire Station & EMS

Six-Storey Wood Frame Residential Building

Lester Lofts

Garry W. Morden Centre

Woodstock Soccer

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