Masri O Architects (MORe) is a progressive medium sized architectural firm instituted on the  principles of responsibility, sound technical knowledge and creative problem solving.  Our practice focuses on the delivery of novel but practical designs, excellent quality of architecture and service and superior client service.

MORe’s team is resourceful, creative, dependable and persistent.

We are guided by a participatory design approach, one that includes the client team as a full partner in the process. We see ourselves as
facilitators, and work collaboratively with everyone on a project team.

We adopt an approach that capitalizes on the challenges, to optimize the various factors to enrich the design and quality.

We favour a holistic approach to project design and delivery.

We implement an integrative, systemic thinking to the design problem that considers the building as a whole. By starting at the essence of the design
problem, we explore solutions at the fundamental level and add complexity layer by layer, responding to the needs and requirements of the users, function, codes, budget, etc.

We see ourselves as the client’s eyes and ears and conscience in giving them what they need, being an honest advisor, keeping the owner’s interests above all and spending their money responsibly.

Our management style is collaborative with a strong handle on objectives, cost, timelines and value. We facilitate a constructive team interaction fostering creative solutions, thoughtfulness and responsibility.